Fastening Systems

We are a global partner for development, manufacture and distribution of application-specific fastening and hinge systems.

The Fastening Systems segment comprises two divisions:

Construction: Under the SFS intec brand we develop, manufacture and distribute application-specific fastening systems, hinge technology and assembly systems for the construction and building supply industry. Products under the SFS intec brand are mainly used in the following areas:

  • building envelope
  • timber structures
  • doors and windows

Riveting: The Riveting division is specialised in fastening solutions based on riveting technology. It is a strong partner for both industry and distributors, serving customers with high-quality fastening systems under the GESIPA brand:

  • blind rivets
  • blind rivet washers
  • installation tools

In the Fastening Systems segment the manufacture of the products is based on our core technologies of cold forming, mechanical fastening and hinge technology.


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