Annual General Meeting

The 25th Annual General Meeting of SFS Group AG is taking place on Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 5:30 p.m. (doors open at 4:30 p.m.) at the Aegeten sports center, Aegetenstrasse 60 9443 Widnau, Switzerland.

Invitation and supplement AGM 2018

There is a shuttle service available from the train station Heerbrugg.

Shuttle service to Widnau, Aegeten

Route: Heerbrugg, train station - Heerbrugg, SFS TZ1 Rosenbergsaustr. 10 - Widnau, Post - Widnau, Auenstrasse (Moto Städler) - Widnau, Güetli (Restaurant Freihof) - Widnau, Aegeten (destination AGM)

Times: Departing Heerbrugg, train station at 16:20 pm and 16:55 pm

Shuttle service back to Heerbrugg, train station

Route: Widnau, Aegeten - Widnau, Güetli (Restaurant Freihof) - Widnau, Auenstrasse (Moto Städler) - Widnau, Post - Widnau, Gemeindehaus - Widnau, Rhydorf - Heerbrugg, Schloss - Heerbrugg, train station - SFS TZ1, Rosenbergsaustr. 10

Times: Departing Widnau, Aegeten at 20:50 pm, 21:20 pm, 21:50 pm, 22:20 pm

Parking spaces

There are parking spaces available at the venue.

Raise question

If you intend to raise a question at the Annual General Meeting, please submit it in advance to


If you need any information regarding the AGM, please contact us at

AGM protocols


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