Tegra Medical introduces itself

When a medical device company needs the sharpest needle for rotator cuff repair, a complicated titanium implant for spinal surgeries or a precise external fixation device for trauma patients, they often turn to experts like Tegra Medical.
Tegra Medical represents the core of SFS’s Medical division. As a contract manufacturer of medical components, the company focuses exclusively on making products for medical device manufacturers. This allows those companies to concentrate their resources on their core strengths, such as research and development, product design, regulatory approvals, and marketing.

In the beginning

Tegra Medical was formed in 2007 when three well-respected medical device manufacturing firms joined forces, combining their specialties in precision grinding on sliding head machines, laser processing, electrical discharge machining and needle manufacturing. They were soon joined by another firm that added capabilities for spinal implants and orthopaedic instruments.

Headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA the company has three manufacturing locations in the US and one in Costa Rica. Each location has experienced recent investments in growth, including new buildings devoted to product development and many new additions to manufacturing techniques and equipment.

Tegra Medical’s core competencies in metals and plastic have grown considerably over the years in response to customer needs. Previously the bulk of the company’s work was manufacturing components, but today Tegra Medical also produces complete medical devices, from assembly and finishing to packaging and distribution.

Tegra Medical is renowned in the industry for its know-how in keeping the sharp edges sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process

Making a point

Medical devices often have a “business end,” which is the sharp part connected to the rest of the device and the handle. A typical component would be just the sharp, metal part of an instrument, such as razor blades. Tegra Medical is renowned in the industry for its know-how in keeping the sharp edges sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process. Whether it’s a complete medical device or just a component, sharpness is a quality hallmark.

Surgery for scoliosis includes the insertion of pedical screws, one on each side of the vertebra

How the devices and instruments are used

The types of devices and components Tegra Medical makes are used in medical procedures such as arthroscopy, endoscopy, joint reconstruction, biopsies, and drug delivery and in medical specialties like orthopaedics, cardiac care, gynaecology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiology, pain management, and diabetes.

The following belong inter alia to the product portfolio

  • Soft tissue removal tools
  • Implants made of metal and plastic
  • Needles and cannulas
  • Catheters
  • Fixation systems
  • Razor blades
  • Suture passers
  • Probes for a wide range of uses

The company’s role often begins with refining a customer’s device design, so it can be manufactured efficiently

Smooth manufacturing

Although the name Tegra Medical is not marked on products, the input and expertise of the company is engrained into nearly every aspect of a product’s journey from conception to distribution.

The company’s role often begins with refining a customer’s device design, so it can be manufactured efficiently. Using a process known as Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), the engineers in Tegra Medical’s GENESIS Tech Center® experiment with prototypes of the product, making minute adjustments to the product’s geometry or materials that have a big impact on a manufacturing process that is repeated over and over again.

The benefits of automation

Automation is a key technology Tegra Medical uses to make the manufacturing process faster and more efficient. The company’s first collaborative robots have safety features that allow them to operate side-by-side with humans, performing monotonous and repetitive tasks such as feeding parts into magazines. Newer robots are performing more advanced tasks such as automated inspections.

In keeping with its commitment to fostering employees’ progress, Tegra Medical ensures that no one loses their job after the process is automated. Employees freed up from repetitive tasks are allocated more demanding work, thus advancing their careers.

People come first

Helping people and the community is a big part of corporate culture at Tegra Medical. Employee development is reinforced by many internships, apprentice programmes and training. Typical outreach projects include blood donor drives, fundraisers, sport sponsorships, war veteran assistance, food and toy collections and more. At Tegra Medical, the commitment to people is as important as producing the best medical products.

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