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Medical devices and components for the medical and pharmaceuticals sector have to fulfill the highest requirements in safety, reliability, functionality, design and regulatory rules.
Using various technologies, we manufacture devices and components, often beginning with product development, progressing to production, and then finished assembly and packaging. Many reputable companies already count on our products, proudly putting their logos on what we manufacture.

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Development to Manufacture (DFM)

Innovative and solution-oriented – from the idea to series production. Efficient and reliable production with the result of high-quality products.


A single manufacturing vendor will make your entire medical device, from the sharp metal “business end” to the molded plastic handle and everything in between. We simplify your supply chain with end-to-end solutions ranging from design refinement to production and final packaging.


Any device used on or inside a human body must be of the highest quality. Our complete commitment to quality includes adherence to the highest certifications and standards in the medical device industry.


Getting a new product to market or switching an existing product to a new manufacturer requires a dedicated partner with unparalleled experience in manufacturing components and complete devices.

Specialists in focus areas

In medical, SFS is composed of established companies with years of medical device experience.

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